The Health Benefits of a Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Full spectrum infrared sauna are the hottest in the industry, literally. They use patented carbon heaters that heat the inside of the sauna to a warm temperature within minutes.

Who should avoid infrared saunas?

The higher temperature reaches your core and muscles. Your heart rate increases and your metabolism is stimulated to help you burn calories more efficiently, reducing weight and improving your body’s overall health.

In addition to its energizing and detoxing benefits, many people report feeling an improvement in mood after a sauna session. The warmth of an infrared sauna can also reduce muscle pain and inflammation.

Near infrared wavelengths penetrate the skin’s surface, providing a variety of health benefits including pain relief, tissue repair, and anti-aging. Middle infrared wavelengths are the least popular but still have a lot of therapeutic benefits, helping to relieve muscle and joint pain, strengthen the circulatory system, and improve blood flow.

Mid infrared wavelengths are deeper than near but not as deep as far infrared, and they penetrate the body’s soft tissues to reduce inflammation and promote better circulation. They also improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and accelerate wound healing.

If you want to experience the benefits of a full spectrum infrared sauna, but don’t have the space for a permanent installation, consider a portable option that fits into a suitcase or backpack. These are also a good choice if you want to take the heat of an infrared sauna on the go, as they can be easily packed away and stored when not in use.

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