My Review of the Evatac Free Knife

This is my personal favorite cutlery comparison – the Evatac knife review! Why? Well…it’s because I was given one by a fellow knife fanatic, and I’ve since had to use many of his knives on a number of occasions. Anyway, I thought I’d throw my two cents in here for those of you who might like to take my advice. Enjoy!

Boost Your Evatac Knife Review With These Tips

What impressed me the most about this knife, other than the fact that it came with two knives in a display, was that he showed me how to hold it. There were no fancy moves or contortions, just simple things that anyone could do with the knife. I found the knife easy to hold when I got home, and now I look forward to using it. If you want a good multi-functional knife that looks and functions like a really good knife, check out the Evatac free knife review I did on the blade.

The Evatac knife review I did was for an assisted living facility. They had several different knives on hand, but one of them (the assisted living people) had a couple extras that the other knives did not carry. I asked him if he would mind giving me a demonstration of how to use them. He agreed, and while he didn’t have any fancy display to show me, what he did have was the actual knife in his hand.

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