How a Credit Card Eligibility Checker Can Help You Get Approved For Credit

The odds of getting approved for credit cards vary depending on your credit score, income and credit history. Those with good credit, a positive credit history and high income are typically the best candidates for a variety of cards.

What is a credit card checker?

A credit cards eligibility checker helps you find out whether you’ll be accepted for a credit card before you apply. Using a credit card eligibility checker won’t negatively impact your credit score and can help you make informed decisions about which credit cards to apply for.


Many lenders will offer you a pre-qualification offer for a credit card before you apply for it. You can find out if you’re pre-qualified by calling the issuer or by using an online tool.

You can’t guarantee you’ll get approved for the card, but being pre-qualified is a sign that the lender believes you have a strong chance of being approved for the card. The lender may have found you on a list of reliable consumers or did a soft inquiry, which doesn’t affect your credit score.

Too many hard inquiries can hurt your credit scores. Each new inquiry can knock a few points off your score, so limiting your credit card applications is an important strategy for maintaining your score.

Your CIBIL score, or credit score, is a three-digit number that shows lenders how likely you are to pay your bills on time and avoid delinquency. Having a credit score between 750 and 900 is a good indication of your likelihood of being approved for credit. You can also improve your chances of being approved by paying off your existing debt and by reducing your credit utilization ratio.

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