Certified Breathwork Facilitator Training

certified breathwork facilitator

Certified breathwork facilitator training can help you guide breathwork sessions safely and effectively. The training focuses on healing trauma, self-exploration, and spiritual development. It takes a full day of dedicated study and requires you to be proficient in English. The course requires that you meditate for at least an hour each day.

Help People Calm Down And Release Stress

The training involves a comprehensive review of breathwork’s underlying principles. This includes understanding how breathwork helps people deal with traumatic experiences and what the role of the conscious mind is in the process. It also covers the nature of the body’s physiology and how the nervous system affects breathing. Additionally, it provides a thorough understanding of the energetics and group dynamics involved in breathwork sessions.

Upon completion of the training, you will be able to facilitate a breathwork session for clients. This will include verbal cues and energetic techniques. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to work with clients one-on-one and learn about specific case studies. You’ll also receive three mentorship sessions where you’ll receive one-on-one feedback and guidance.

Breathwork has reached over 53 countries and Jennifer Lynne has taught breathwork workshops and trainings in a variety of settings. She has also presented at numerous conferences and healing centers.

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